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What is Paid to THINK?

Paid to THINK will transform your mind, organization, career and life by showing you exactly what you need to be doing and providing you with the precise instructions on how to do it. It is not a book of theories and ideas, and upon finishing it, you will never say to yourself, “Well, that was interesting, but I´m not sure what to do next.” Instead, you will find yourself making transformational improvements after reading the first few chapters. And this is why. This book, which contains a revolutionary approach to leadership called Enterprise Thinking, is based on actual research that reveals how the most successful leaders optimally perform twelve specific activities on a daily basis. In Paid to THINK, you will learn what those activities are, and you will be given specific “tools” and instruction on how to perform them. Better yet, you don´t even have to make improvements in all twelve areas; improving your performance even slightly in one area will deliver surprisingly powerful results!

In addition, Paid to THINK makes learning fun and memorable, providing you and your group with numerous real-life examples of people who have used the tools and performed the activities to turn their ideas into realities. See how an astronaut, a tent manufacturer, and a newspaper publisher faced and conquered the same challenges you face. See how similar all leaders’ experiences and needs are, and learn the inspiring and motivating methods people from all levels of management in all industries and sectors, and throughout all areas of the world have used to forge successes in the present and the future.

Better yet, Paid to THINK is an easy way to help yourself or to get an entire group of people up to speed fast. Say that your group needs to address only a single chapter at one time. You can easily provide each person with a Paid to THINK Single, individual chapter, and achieve results at a fraction of the cost of a book!

Or maybe you want to use the book for yourself, but you can’t presently invest the time to read the entire book at once. No problem.That means you have the option of devouring Paid to THINK all at once, or you can flip to any single chapter and learn what you need to address your most pressing current issues(It’s best to read the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 before skipping around). In addition, you can use this book to improve your own performance, and you can also use it as an instrument for developing current and future leadership within your organization. The reason why you can use this book so flexibly is because its contents are universally applicable regardless of one´s management level, industry, sector, geographic location, culture, and so on. Once you learn about Enterprise Thinking, you can carry this “leadership toolkit” with you to your next job, opportunity, or part of life.

Perhaps you´re wondering what a leadership toolkit is. Well, it´s not your typical arsenal of success-building items like computers or software programs or flow charts. Instead, it is a comprehensive collection of processes, charts, graphics and more that both expand your thinking and focus it where it needs to be so that you can provide the greatest value from your most valuable asset, your mind. Every day, you´re asking questions like, “How can I increase performance,” or “How can we do more with less,” or “How can our organization be more innovative,” and the toolkit helps you to not only uncover the solutions to questions, but enables all the people around you to work more effectively on converting your thoughts and ideas to realities. These tools are not only quick and easy to understand and teach to others, but they are also simple and effective enough that you can put them to immediate use and see instantaneous results.

Paid to THINK is densely rich in material and well worth checking out. Your peers are saying their minds are forever expanded, their ability to convert their ideas to realities has drastically improved, and that their organizations, careers, and lives are better than they ever thought imaginable.

What´s in the book?

The Introduction reveals the basis and origins of Enterprise Thinking. It describes how and why ET is different than any other leadership/management approach you´ve ever seen before, and what makes it an effective way to improve leadership performance.

Chapter 1 provides you with an overview and description of Enterprise Thinking. This chapter tells you about the twelve activities, serves as the overview of topics for upcoming chapters, and provides you with new thinking tools that will forever improve the way you see your role as a leader.

Chapter 2 challenges many common misconceptions about leading and managing that could be hindering your ability to excel without your knowing it. The expanded perceptions you will take from this chapter serve as foundational concepts to the activities you will learn about in Chapters 3 through 14.

Each chapter, from Chapters 3-14, covers a different Enterprise Thinking activity. You will be introduced to an expanded definition of the activity than one you might have previously considered in the past, you will read examples of people who have successfully performed the activity, and you will pick up tools and concepts within each chapter so that you can instantly apply your newfound knowledge.

Chapter 15 tells you what to expect as you evolve into becoming an Enterprise Thinker. Although the effects and benefits of Enterprise Thinking are immediate and transformational, over time, they will multiply exponentially. This happens because the approach, activities, and tools are first presented in a seemingly simple manner so that you can immediately adopt them, but you will come to realize as you become increasingly familiar with Enterprise Thinking that underlying each of them is a layered complexity that will simultaneously deliver more value as you become increasingly more proficient as an Enterprise Thinker.

Additional resources in Paid to THINK include: MyETToolkit—a list of tools grouped by chapter, a Glossary of terms for quick reference, a comprehensive Index, information about Paid to THINK singles so that you can learn about and teach individual activities when the need arises, and additional opportunities to improve performance using the Paid to THINK website.

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