Why More Leaders Are
Choosing Paid-to-THINK Programs to Build Winning Events

Whether you’re planning a large conference for an association or a strategy meeting for your leadership team, one thing’s for sure…in today’s world, you need your event to generate lasting benefits. And what better way to do that than to arm participants with proven ways to effect positive transformational improvements on their own.

Surely, the challenges you and your participants face seem similar and recurring—doing more with less; increasing profits; developing winning products and services; accelerating growth; boosting productivity; selling one’s ideas and gaining buy in, and so much more—but as you know, not all “solutions” produce equal outcomes.

How Paid-to-THINK Programs Produce Lasting Results

Chances are, you already have some ideas about the information you want to impart at your upcoming event, and now you want to fuse some of the tools and concepts from the book Paid to THINK with those messages to provide greater value to your participants. Our four flexible program options are available as in three formats: Keynote, Half-Day, and Full-Day programs.

The Paid to THINK Leader: After attending this paradigm-shifting program, your participants will see their roles and their value as leaders in an entirely new light. They will also leave your event with substantive tools and instruction for elevating their thinking to 50,000 feet, “making” time to think and strategize, and leading others more efficiently to success. This program incorporates appropriate the activities and tools from Paid to THINK.

Rethinking for Leaders: Turn convention on its head, shake up tired old ways of thinking, and prepare your thinkers’ minds to identify, develop, and seize new mega opportunities. If your group seems stuck in average or normal thinking modes, this program is sure to change that. This program incorporates appropriate rethinking concepts and tools from Paid to THINK.

The Activity-Focused Leader: Select one or two of the twelve Enterprise Thinking leadership activities from the book Paid to THINK, and we’ll discuss with you the best way of incorporating them into your event so that you achieve the outcomes your participants need. Options include: Developing Plans, Creating New Products and Services, Establishing Alliances, Leveraging Technology, Acquiring new Knowledge, Enhancing Global Awareness, Watching Competition, Leading the Charge, Empowering Others, Innovating Everywhere, Selling Continuously, and Forecasting the Future.

Consulting from the Stage: Different from the first three program options, Consulting from the Stage is a fully-customized program that is built from the ground up after David Goldsmith has (1) discussed with you your strategic intentions with you, and (2) interviewed prospective members of your audience to collect information and ensure that the program you end up with addresses participants’ true and present challenges. Please [CLICK HERE] to visit www.consultingfromthestage.com .

Get Started with 1 Easy Step

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  1. 1. Discuss – your event’s strategic direction and needs when David contacts you.
  2. 2. Relax – and let us collaboratively build your program.
  3. 3. Watch – as your program transforms your participants.