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Paid to THINK 12 oz Black Coffee Mug Yellow Interior

Paid to THINK 12 oz. Black Coffee Mug with Yellow Interior


The Paid to THINK Black Out/Yellow in coffee mug is a powerful reminder that someone’s job is they are Paid to THINK and that their decisions matter. The mug is a 12 oz. black coffee or tea mug with a yellow colored interior.  The mug is printed with yellow imprint with both the message Paid to THINK and the desk lamp mark representing the one person who is looking up from his/her desk in order to grow.  These are forward oriented individuals looking to make a difference. The mugs can be used:

  • as inventory for board room meetings
  • as a give-a-way for conferences to all attendees
  • as a replacement cup at board meetings, executive functions and retreats
  • as a gift internally for those you want to reinforce the message they are Paid to THINK
  • as a gift for vendors/suppliers to let them know you’re counting on them.
  • as a gift for customers

A simple ever day tool to help you reach your desired outcomes and to improve performance. Lasts forever and used all the time.



1-3 $9.99 ea.
4-6 $8.99 ea.
7-12 $8.49 ea.
13-24 $7.99 ea.
25-72 $6.99 ea.
73-144 $6.49 ea.
145-288 $5.99 ea.
289-576 $5.49 ea.
577-1152 $4.99 ea.