Rapid Immersion

Schedule Private “Though-Shifting” sessions With David Goldsmith

Explore, Examine, Re-Think Your Biggest Challenges, Problems,Issues, Threats,Initiatives AND Opportunities—from an entirely new slant/paradigm

David offers a wide scope of hands-on Thinking-Enhancement/thought-shifting services. Many corporations opt to initiate their relationship by structuring a custom-formulated, two-day rapid-immersion, “Though-Shifting” session. This is a fast-paced, non-theoretical ,situational-specific proprietary process

David created that uses compression-based access to his Paid To Think methodology, to deeply explore and examine key issues, performance factors and forces, impact points –in your organization–while shifting the thinking and overarching perspectives of all participating.

It is expressly breakthrough specific outcome driven–and anything BUT general/abstract or inaction able.

Designed squarely to deliver highly actionable, immediately embraceable new paradigms–complete with implementation elements–this process is especially recommended when your organization must focus/concentrate on a seemingly unsolvable gordian knot challenge/issue, problem, gap/weakness or mammoth opportunity management needs someone/something different/better to break through the logjam of attitudes and altitudes your team may be currently hovering at.

Optimally, you engage David and THIS process when the stakes are high, the threat or potential payoff is huge–and none of your internal–or externally rendered ideas are up to solving/resolving the challenge.

David ONLY does these for organizations where all sides are eminently clear on the outcome-focused goal at hand.

David conducts these sessions personally, and offers a higher-level integrated version he does in collaboration with geometric business performance acceleration expert, Jay Abraham .

Pricing is “value-based”. Stated differently, David selects applicants/participating client companies for these high-yielding intensive sessions–based on the scope, magnitude, and impact-importance of the critical/pivotal issues your organization wants addressed.Typically, he prefers dealing with problems, challenges, issues, initiatives, opportunities, that represent either ten-figure or higher economic impact , or are game-changing industry disrupting gauntlets that nobody else has managed to masterfully deal with to your fullest satisfaction.

To discuss your issue(s) –and current “thinking” on the problem or challenge–in total confidence with David–provide candid responses to the brief “contexts questions” below. All inquirers will be promptly/personally addressed and acknowledged, by either David’s executive assistant–or David, himself.