Confidential Partnering/Performance-Based Collaboration Application Form

David Goldsmith and I are always gratified and honored when any worthy& enterprise is interested in exploring a long-term “partnering/performance-based collaborative” relationship with us. We believe that the 1st step in assessing our mutual suitability is to gain as much insight into your industry and then as much about you and your company––its biggest challenges, issues, problems––and of course major opportunities.

We take a more probative and Socratic approach to the process of long-term, high-performance relationship building. The kind of Association we seek is to guide the strategy, actions, people and process—executing through your team––on a continuous basis, until we create the performance enhancement goal, or production improvement objective, the profit center breakthrough development, or the strategy makeover/business model restructuring success––will both committed to attain for you.

Because, the integration of both David and my expertise/skill sets creates a broad spectrum of possible applications and high-performance implications for you organization––we prefer looking at the entire business with you (at our cost and risk––not yours) to best understand all the factors, forces, elements, implications, applications and dynamics will be dealing with––if we structured the long-term, performance-based arrangement.

All arrangements we structure our done on a case-by case basis. Typically we beat the ones that speculating either the majority––or the entirety of our opportunity cost/expertise/time and efforts in you and your organization. Our true major payoff/reward will only come if, and after we deliver the outcome both sides agree represents successful performance on our side. Our compensation arrangement varies, but typically will be structured to represent a minor share of the increased profitability or reduced costs or newfound income sources our efforts identified and then helped produce. Typically, we want to focus on sustainable/recurring activities that represent minimally, high 7 or 8 figures of annualized savings, profit improvement or competitive advantage for your company.

That stated, your answers to the following questions will help both sides can better appreciation of whether there is a strong suitability for creating a long term profit for performance-enhancing partnership together:

All of the following will be treated with total confidentiality and we will communicate personally with every/any were the company responding to this assessment.

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