Don’t Pay For Consulting
Pay For successful, Significant RESULTS

We’ll Ally–“On Performance”–With The Right Companies

We’ll “ALLY” with suitable companies—to increase success/growth rates, multiply earnings, maximize results, develop new strategies and business model, create new distribution-selling approaches and leadership-management breakthroughs, conceive disruptive advances in thinking, action and transaction. We’ll do it by focusing on “impact factors” no one else understands/leverages. PLUS-we’ll do it predominantly on performance—in exchange for an appropriate success-fee or variable participation.

We’ve come up with a fresh, new slant at challenging the acceptance of conventional management thinking. Whether you’re eager for a disruptive breakthrough in strategy, marketing, management , distribution, production, or dominating any other critical factor of the competitive chessboard—we’d like to partner with you and your team to make that happen.

If your organization IS suitable for the kind of explosive/disruptive “rethinking” we want to collaborate on with you and are comfortable putting the bulk of our compensation “on-the-line” to prove it.

More specifically, we are interested in partnering on challenges/opportunities and goals substantial enough for both sides, that the prize for winning is monumental. Whether it’s engineering an entirely new strategic approach, competitive re-positioning, distribution acceleration process, product and service enhancements, alliance reconfigurations, redirection of resources, any of the areas of concentration in Paid to THINK, and more.

If the goal is worthy enough—David is interested in collaborating, continuously with you and your team—to make bigger/better, outsized results happen.

When we succeed, your corporation attains massive gains—both financially, competitively and in all other forms of marketplace acknowledgement/distinction/reward.

If/when we help you out perform, out think, out market, out position, out strategize, out earn, out innovate the competition—we ask to be rewarded accordingly, always on a case-by-case basis—you will find eminently equitable.

If your organization is stuck—we want to get it unstuck. If it needs a breakthrough, or numerous breakthroughs, we want to be your master-level thinking and implementation partners, to make those breakthroughs happen.

Taking a company to the next level is admirable. But taking YOUR company multiple levels upward and forward is OUR interest. This kind of bold thinking is totally possible when you better understand the impact factors WE focus on—that others don’t understand. A bold statement, unquestionably. But one we are ready (and willing) to squarely back up—at our cost and risk, not yours.

If you have a clear-cut sense of what you’re trying to accomplish—or you’re struggling a bit to even fully identify/verbalize “what” your biggest area of untapped potential, overlooked opportunity, under performing activity, under performing resource deployment might be—we’d like to talk. No charge. No obligation. Totally confidential.

It’ll be highly clarifying, surprisingly illuminating, enormously thought-provoking. We can do it by phone. Or we’ll come to you—on our dime—IF your situation is worthy.

Obviously we are NOT looking for a mundane, low-challenging, low-yielding “consulting” gig. If the stakes are high, the rewards are potentially monster-sized, and the challenge is herculean—we need to talk. We are eager to provide worthy, validating evidence of our abilities and unique way of looking at your business—prior to us talking.