• rober-morris

    "Paid to Think is among the most thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining books I have read in recent years. In it, David Goldsmith carefully explains the major revelations of recent research in neuroscience and their complicated implications in terms that non-scientists such as I can understand. The book is a brilliant achievement. Bravo!"

    — Robert Morris Top 50 reviewers for Amazon's US, UK, and Canadian websites
  • Orvel-Ray-Wilson

    “There! Someone’s finally said it. No matter what you THINK your job might be, ultimately you’re paid to THINK . . . the ultimate shortcut to the executive suite.”

    — Orvel Ray Wilson, Bestselling author, Guerrilla Selling
  • Marshall-Goldsmith

    “You need to spend more of your time thinking, and Paid to Think shows you how! It’s full of practical tools to get you out of the rut of ‘doing’ and start ‘thinking’ so that you’re not just completing a to-do list, you’re making a difference in your future!”

    — Marshall Goldsmith, Author, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There; “Thinkers 50” World’s Most-Influential Leadership Thinkers 2011
  • fay-M

    “When our team used the tools in Paid to Think, we were able to produce business results never before matched, whittling down a five-year project to only three years!”

    — Faye Christine Matriano, Group Product Manager, White King/RFM Corporation, Philippines
  • Melanie-Albaric

    “Paid to Think is an invaluable source of step-by-step methodologies and best practice processes illustrated by plenty of stories to make you think or rethink how to better and faster achieve your goals. It certainly has been one of the most precious gifts given to me.”

    — Melanie Albaric, Marketing Manager, Rail Europe, Inc.
  • James-F.-Vaudreuil

    “Thanks to David and the tools in Paid to Think, we now prioritize our major projects, think them out more thoroughly in advance, and get most of them done on time and on budget, which has had a huge impact on our business.”

    — James F. Vaudreuil, CEO, Huebsch Services
  • Eric-Chester

    "In the congested space of books telling leaders what to think and how to lead, Goldsmith swims upstream to show leaders how to think and how to lead. It's caused me to rethink every aspect of my life, and think about them differently. This is not just another book to add to your list; this is the book that should atop on your list."

    — Eric Chester, President of Reviving Work Ethic, Inc. and Founder of the Center for Work Ethic Development
  • Jennifer-Schroder

    "David's principles of Enterprise Thinking not only encourage you to question every "challenge" you think you are facing but also help you to find the root of those challenges, conceptualize and visualize ways to overcome them and finally implement those solutions. Enterprise Thinking can take your organization quickly and efficiently to the next level."

    — Jennifer Schroder VP Marketing, Special Market Sales Galison Publishing LLC
  • Janine-McBee

    “Paid to Think provides straightforward tools to help you strategically position your organization forward.”

    — Janine McBee, CUDE, Southwest CUNA Management School
  • Adam-Broitman

    “David’s mind works in the most incredibly unique fashion I have ever seen. Read Paid to Think as if your entire strategic life depends on it, because it does!”

    — Adam Broitman Chief Creative Strategist, Something Massive
  • James-H.-Gilmore

    “In an age when so much management flimflam masquerades as new knowledge, David Goldsmith’s Paid to Think provides a refreshingly detailed study in the proven mechanics of sound business thinking. Read and re-read this book!”

    — James H. Gilmore, Coauthor, The Experience Economy: Updated Edition and Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want
  • Joe-Calloway

    “This book does more than provoke thought—it creates results!”

    — Joe Calloway, Author of Becoming A Category of One
  • Mike-Tucker

    "I have benefitted a great deal from David's excellent teleconference seminars for the Institute of Management Consultants. His penetrating interview style and management of the seminar process made them a great success. It is not easy to engage management consultants Peter Block and Tom Peters, or Millwood Brown CEO Eileen Campbell, but David did this successfully each time. He brings the same high level of performance to this book."

    — Mike Tucker
  • HB-Park

    "David Goldsmith's ability to understand everything about business is difficult to understand unless you've worked side by side with him. David can asses any environment in rapid time and then deliver amazing results. I've witnessed him double facility work productivity within a day, expanding new product ideas in minutes, redesigning entire production floors with upwards of 30% employee reduction, contribute long term value to architectural designs in a 500,000 sq. ft facility. In addition he can communicate in multi lingual environment while giving insight into complex business principles and then breaking them down into useable pieces that anyone can understand and use immediately David's in a category of one."

    — HB Park - HKD Industries, Chairman
  • Ron-L.-Righter

    "David has hit a homerun! Over several years, I have implemented a plethora of leadership principles. Paid To Think has re-energized me, and has kick-started a new approach toward decision-making and winning games. It is a must read for my players, staff, and our entire athletic department."

    — Ron L. Righter
  • Robert-Kriegel

    "Great information for how leaders in this laser fast environment can create the future not waiting for it to happen to them and develop an environment where people are excited about change and new opportunities"

    — Robert Kriegel Ph.D. Author - If it Ain't Broke… BREAK IT! and Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers
  • YoungDo

    "Paid to Think is very helpful read. when I do my business, I found this book. it happens best for my business. there is something that I use that I is based on the principles of Enterprise Thinking. It's not only creative but also easy to thinking something, it's already changed my life."

    — YoungDo, RTU -Asian Cook Inc, Vice president
  • Sagi-Ashkevitz

    “David Goldsmith’s book, Paid to Think, is a thought-provoking treatise on ‘Enterprise Thinking’ which will help you make higher quality decisions and execute for better outcomes. Don’t miss this read – you will deprive yourself of a lot of benefit and profits if you do!”

    — Sagi Ashkevitz CEO Dental Savings
  • Nandan-Nilekani-CEO

    "This was perfect. Exactly what we wanted to achieve." (Strategic planning and global meeting with CEO, board members and Chief Strategist)

    — Infosys - Nandan Nilekani CEO
  • Jay

    “What Peter Drucker did for current management theory and practice, David Goldsmith has done for modern-day leadership with Paid to Think.”

    — Jay Abraham, CEO, Abraham Group
  • thomas-woo

    “Paid to Think is transformational. We’ve put its tools to the test and it has changed how we lead our company and planted seeds of change in our corporate culture that will drive our future success. Our company will never be the same again.”

    — Thomas Woo, President, City Super Group, Hong Kong and China; Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Hong Kong/Macau 2011
  • Howard-Putnam

    “Pilots spend many hours learning, strategizing, performing, and forecasting to develop their flight plans. Paid to Think applies these same concepts to leadership and is an excellent ‘flight plan’ for aspiring and successful leaders.”

    — Howard Putnam, Former CEO, Southwest Airlines; Author, The Winds of Turbulence
  • Bob-Danzig

    “Paid to Think just added the power pistons to the engine of leadership by discovering, illuminating, and sharing the secrets to successful leadership. This book is a treasure that will jumpstart your thinking anew.”

    — Bob Danzig, Former CEO, Hearst Newspapers; Author; Hall of Fame Speaker
  • david-Newman

    “If you’re tired of leading at 65 mph in a 200 mph world, Paid to Think will give you the Ferrari toolset and mindset to accelerate results and think differently. Its tools are both contrarian and powerfully simple. This is the one book you must read —right now!”

    — David Newman, Author, Do It! Marketing
  • Ella-Chan

    “Using the tools in Paid to Think has resulted in a complete overhaul of our strategic planning process and a dramatically improved approach to strategy and leadership development. David’s easy-to-use frameworks and models bring pragmatic solutions that drive progress. As a strategist, I anticipate that his book, Paid to Think, will be my go-to guide for years to come.”

    — Ella Chan, Fmr. Head of Group Strategy, City Super Group, Currently Director of Strategy WalMart Asia
  • Mark-Sanborn

    “Paid to Think shows leaders how to think more and think better to meet their challenges. David Goldsmith brings structure and rigor to how leaders can think more effectively with easy-to-understand principles and practices.”

    — Mark Sanborn, President, Sanborn and Associates, Inc., Bestselling Author, The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader
  • Jeffrey-Gitomer

    “David Goldsmith is unique in that he can see a 50,000-view of business and management and can also deliver the hand-to-hand tools to win.”

    — Jeffrey Gitomer, Author, The Little Red Book of Selling
  • Sheila-Francis-Jeyathurai

    “I thought that Paid to Think was about work. It’s not. It’s about life, and it has changed my life in many ways. This book is a must-read for anyone who is daring enough to change!”

    — Sheila Francis Jeyathurai, Director of Business Development, Rouse
  • Don-Hutson

    “David Goldsmith’s book, Paid to Think, is a thought-provoking treatise on ‘Enterprise Thinking’ which will help you make higher quality decisions and execute for better outcomes. Don’t miss this read – you will deprive yourself of a lot of benefit and profits if you do!”

    — Don Hutson, #! New York Times Best-Selling Co-author of The One Minute Entrepreneur, and CEO of U. S. Learning Memphis, TN
  • Arucha-Promyanon

    “Paid to Think bridges the gaps left by management techniques one learns in business schools.”

    — Arucha Promyanon, Former Channel Manager, Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Santiago-Johnson

    “Paid to Think gives you all the tools you need to focus your organization, be innovative, and achieve targeted results. No guiding guru needed.”

    — Santiago Johnson, Branding Director, Leonisa S.A., Colombia
  • Teresa-King-Kinney

    "Paid to Think" is a powerful concept that keeps us focused on what's important and leads us to consistently achieve more. David Goldsmith has an amazing ability to help us view things differently and make the most of talent, resources and opportunities. We continue to build, change and grow an organization that everyone is proud to be a part of.

    — Teresa King Kinney Chief Executive Officer
  • Jill-Konrath

    "Paid to Think is a blueprint for savvy leaders who want to increase opportunities at the same time they reduce risk. In short, Goldsmith teaches you how to develop your thinking skills so you can achieve exponential growth."

    — Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies
  • Michael-Scott-Karpovich

    David unconditionally offers a unparalleled perspective on how to monetize your own knowledge. He points out brilliantly how much your wisdom is worth. And his wisdom and his prose are refreshing and honestly quite exciting in this frightful economy!

    — Michael Scott Karpovich
  • Janet-Choynowski

    "David Goldsmith is a man of action, integrity and inspiration. Several years ago when we entered the US market with our real estate globalization business, David took my call, flew down to Miami for a meeting and introduced me to the 50,000 foot view. David gave me a set of questions to consider. In the process of developing our answers to those questions, we have grown exponentially, even surpassing industry giants Zillow and Trulia in on-line reach. Thank you David!"

    — Janet Choynowski, CEO Immobel
  • Juliana-Reis

    "David Goldsmith is a really an awesome professional, in addition to an awesome teacher. I believe that all the concepts I learned in the classroom with him and the book "Paid to Think", I'm using in my life, both professional and personal. I recomme

    nd reading the book, It is really transformer. The book encouraged me and made me think broadly about my future success."

    — Juliana Reis, from Marie Claire Brazil
  • Gregorio-Augusto-Slusarz-Amadigi

    "David's pragmatic approach to leadership can be expressed from a lean startup project to large corporation venture, changing not only organizations thinking processes, but also principles that can be applied in different cultural environments."

    — Greg Amadigi, Associate Cypress Associates Brazil
  • Azim-Premji-CEO

    "you are good...very good. I'm staying until we are done." (At 10:00 PM in a strategic planning session.)

    — Wipro Technologies- Azim Premji CEO

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