I´ve always enjoyed times when I´ve visited clients and found that they´ve posted graphics and tools (from Paid to THINK´s Enterprise Thinking) on their office walls and/or reproduced the graphics for use in presentations. The challenge for both them and me, however, was that oftentimes, these leaders couldn´t always recreate the images accurately or copy them as clearly as was necessary to make them optimally useful. That’s why, I thought it best to give away the graphics in their original formats in order to help leaders more easily and successfully access and use their ET tools. With this web page, you can download any graphic from any chapter in Paid to THINK (including those small icon graphics appearing at each step of many of the multi-stage tools to help you track your progress).

Here are a few notes I´d like to share with you about the graphics:

  • I offer these graphics to you with only one request; please leave the copyright message on each downloaded graphic.
  • If you don´t mind downloading each graphic one at a time, help yourself to as many free graphics as you would like.
  • If I have updated a graphic since its appearance in Paid to THINK, you will find the changes noted near the file.
  • Look below many of the graphics to see if they are available as wall charts, which are full-page renditions of the graphic often associated with one or two other graphics when possible.

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Below you´ll conveniently find nearly
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using and referring to ET tools and
concepts a breeze.

You can download the graphics by right mouse clicking on a PC and on a Mac

Chapter 04 - PDF Wall Charts Creating New Products and Services

  • L-PTT-04-010 ET Funnel Diagrams
    L-PTT-04-010 ET Funnel Diagrams
  • L-PTT-04-020 ET Survival Curves
    L-PTT-04-020 ET Survival Curves
  • L-PTT-04-030 ET Development Funnel
    L-PTT-04-030 ET Development Funnel
  • L-PTT-04-040 ET Development Funnel Detailed
    L-PTT-04-040 ET Development Funnel Detailed