Paid to THINK EBook Reader Direct Purchase

We often get emails and calls from around the world where individuals are having difficulty securing a copy of Paid to THINK for a variety of reasons.  Most specifically Amazon is not listing the Kindle version in their specific country.  We’re continually in communication with Amazon when this situation does occurs.  We’d like you to know we’ve set up this page exclusively to help you in your efforts.  While purchasing from the major distributors is the easiest way to get the product onto your reader, we know there are times where you need to rethink how to secure a copy for yourself.

If you’re here because you’ve been given a discount code or you’d rather purchase directly from us, this page will also serve you well.

How the process works
You’ll select one of the formats below and then click on the buttons provided.  This will add the eReader format to your shopping cart.  You’ll then have the option to pay using your Visa, MasterCard  American Express or PayPal account. Once processed the digital file will be automatically emailed to the address you’ve provided.  The file will NOT be installed onto your device.  Again, the file will NOT install onto your device.  You’ll then need to hook up your reader or tablet to your computer and then transfer the file.

For those who don’t know how to place a file on an eReader there are a variety of references on line that describe how to to accomplish this task.  We personally don’t have the technical knowledge to walk users through the installation of your file onto your reader. PLEASE make sure that before you purchase Paid to THINK from our web site you know how to accomplish this process or have access to the proper technical expertise.

1. Select a format
* Kindle products use the format of MOBI
* Other eBook Readers use ePUB

Please make sure to purchase the proper version of the ebook as we do not offer refunds.

2.  Click to purchase 

To Purchase for your Kindle click the button below.

To Purchase for your eReader (Samsung, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Sony, etc)

3. Pay for the book or input your COUPON code.

4.  Check your email for the digital copy of Paid to THINK.

5.  Hook up your reader and install the copy on the device OR install software that allows you to read Paid to THINK anywhere you want to read the book. Unsure how to install the copy onto your device, check out youtube videos.

  • For reading Kindle items use this link to check out Amazon’s reader  CLICK HERE
  • For information on other eBook software applications, check out’s reference page. CLICK HERE
  • Unsure how to install the copy onto your device, check out youtube videos

6.  Start reading!

Think and Enjoy

David and Lorrie Goldsmith

* We are aware that certain organizations cannot receive gifts without approval.  If you’re interested in purchasing your copy directly through Amazon you can click on the Amazon link below to be directed to the Paid to THINK page.