The phrase, “It’s lonely at the top,” is certainly true at times, but the drawback of isolation that so many leaders face doesn’t have to exist at all, especially when you take advantage of the benefits offered by the Paid to THINK community. Decision makers worldwide have mentioned at one time or another how they either feel that they’re stagnating or they wish they had someone off from whom they could “bounce” their challenges and ideas. Yet, as you may have experienced, finding likeminded thinkers who understand your challenges and can offer constructive feedback or valuable insights isn’t always easy. That’s why you now have two opportunities to learn from, network, and share with fellow Enterprise Thinkers.

The Paid to THINK community is a modern-day digital meeting place where you can glean new brain food from your peers and share your insights with them, as well. It’s an easily-accessible forum that is open to anyone who wants to join. And if you’re not quite sure whether it’s for you, perhaps an understanding of its origins will help you to decide.
When I taught my NYU students—leaders and managers who came from all countries throughout the world—I provided them with a forum that gave them channels of communication through which they could share their own experiences, successes, and even career setbacks with each other and in turn, gain and offer feedback, too. The virtual community allowed people to communicate easily, assist each other, and get more out of their experience despite different native languages, varying industries, dissimilar backgrounds and cultures, and a range of management levels.

I want you to experience these same advantages. All of us are learners, and all of us have the capacity to be teachers in Davidsforums, also. Click the link David Goldsmith’s Connection and take a peek through the window of the community. If you like what you see, stick around for awhile and see what new and interesting information you take with you when you leave. And if you have some ideas that you think might help someone else, please add them to the sites. I assure you, your Enterprise Thinking colleagues will appreciate it!